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Wednesday, 25 July 2012 20:26

Funeral and/or body repatriation is expensive…. who’ll pay for yours? 


An individual, once gone, cannot do anything about their end of life expenses. For the sake of you loved ones, your family and friends, and of course your dignity, it is imperative that these expenses are planned for in advance. Funeral cash plan is usually used to cover funeral costs and the fact that your family can get cash instead of funeral directors’ services guaranteed flexibility to carter for other expenses like body repatriation if need be.


Diaspora death comes with added costs the major ones include:


  • Body repatriation this varies but for UK it costs about £3 000 to repatriate a body to Zimbabwe,
  • Funeral directors’ costs in Zimbabwe including body clearance at the port of entry,
  • Travel Costs of accompanying family or friends,
  • Prolonged funeral gathering in the diaspora,
  • Prolonged funeral gathering in the back home,
  • Funeral service and burial costs, and
  • Shipping of personal effects of the deceased.


Other standard expenses/bills associated with burial include:


  • Hiring a Minister,
  • Casket/Coffin cost,
  • Wake and Visitation cost,
  • Cost of Cemetery Plot,
  • Hospital bills and last physician costs,
  • Cost of Headstone and Engraving,
  • Casket and family transportation cost,
  • Legal fees and probate costs,
  • Mortgage pay-off, car loans, credit cards,
  • Outstanding debts to be paid.


Don’t let your funeral and/or body repatriation expenses bury your bereaved family in debt.


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