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Traditional Funeral Cover (Goods & Services Cover) Is It Worth It?  E-mail
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Sunday, 06 September 2015 13:31
The question is whether traditional funeral cover (goods & services cover) is really worth it if you are a diasporan?

Firstly, let’s create scenarios that may happen now or in the future especially for Diasporas call them Global Villagers:
1. You relocate from one diaspora country to another, let's say from UK to Canada or say South Africa to Australia for example.
2. Fast forward time by say 20/30/40 years as an example. If you are blessed with longevity and still living in the diaspora would you still have same fixation about being repatriated back home when all your parents/siblings may be long gone?
3. God forbid, if you were to suffer an accident or natural catastrophe (flight/tsunami/earthquake) and your body is nowhere to be found. What purpose is the coffin or casket?
4. You travel on holiday to a faraway place and God forbid you suffer an accident or illness and die there.
5. What if you were to choose cremation in the diaspora ahead of repatriation/burial in future?

All the above scenarios would require a cash based funeral cover which offers total flexibility not the traditional goods and services funeral cover which is territorial. 
Traditional funeral cover which offer goods and services are designed for someone who is local, who dies locally and gets buried locally. By offering goods and services on claim traditional funeral insurance automatically becomes very territorial and the coverholder has to die where the goods/service provider is to benefit. If you are a Diasporan, how would your Nyaradzo, Doves or Moonlight etc policy serve in any of the above scenarios?
Consider scenario 1 above, if you were to relocate to a country where your goods/service provider is non-existent it completely invalidates your cover. Simply put your cover ceases because you have moved away from your goods and services. A lot of adult Zimbabweans in the diaspora today had traditional funeral covers with the likes of Doves  and never foresaw themselves relocating to some far away countries where their goods/service providers are non-existent. Solution – you need a global US$ funeral cover, a protection without borders.
Consider scenario 2 above, if you fast forward time it may well be the case that by then you would have lost your parents, siblings and all those who matter to you back ‘home’. That far in future its possible that as a grand or great-grand parent your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren etc are with you in the diaspora and back ‘home’ no one really cares about you. Why would you still want to be repatriated? Now imagine that a long time ago during your working life you took traditional funeral cover (goods/services cover) to be repatriated back ‘home’. It simply means you wasted money as the fixation to be repatriated would have dissipated. Solution – you need a funeral cover that is flexible and guarantees you a dignified send off with or without body repatriation.
Consider scenario 3 above – your dignified send-off may end up having to happen without the need for a physical coffin/casket but the ceremonial send-off would still require a lot of cash. If you are unfortunately caught up in this situation and you had taken a traditional goods and services cover it again means wasted money. A good funeral cover should give you maximum value irrespective.
Consider scenario 4 above, if you are unfortunate to be caught in such a mishap your family may end up having to beg for help especially if you don’t have travel insurance and you had taken a traditional funeral cover which is territorial. Solution, you need a funeral cover that knows no border and fully protects you wherever you may be in the world.
Consider scenario 5 above,  naturally your beliefs and perceptions may change over time. If you were to prefer cremation ahead or burial would your traditional Zim funeral cover help you especially if you were to choose to be cremated in the diaspora. Solution, you simply need to take a global cover that gives you maximum protection in whatever situation or circumstance.
Enter the bespoke DiasporaFuneralCashPlan.com, an innovative, US$ denominated and completely cash-based global cover, a protection without borders. With Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan body repatriation is not mandatory, which means the cash benefit can be used for whatever send-off anywhere in the world.
Why cash based? The simple answer is the CASH KNOWS NO BORDER which guarantees maximum peace of mind whatever the circumstance. So your cover for say US$10.000 remains the same irrespective of wherever you may be in the world. In any case all what is required in event of bereavement is cash and all services and goods can be bought at the time of need and from the best provider at the time.
Why US$ denominated? Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan is a global cover designed for a global villager, someone who could be anywhere in the world without compromising the validity of their cover. It therefore makes sense to be protected in the green basket of currencies, the US$. Being the most globalised currency it means your cover guarantees you peace of mind wherever you may be in the world. Also being the green basket of hard currencies, it means that your Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan remains very valuable and not prone to currency volatility.
The bespoke Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan is offered on guaranteed acceptance, no medicals at all basis and this guarantees immediate settlement of US$s benefit in the event of a claim. The guarantee is that within 24hrs of proof of death the US$s are paid in cash or remitted by telegraphic transfer into any bank account worldwide.
For a Diasporan nothing bits the bespoke Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan. Don’t wasn’t money paying for a funeral plan especially goods and services type that you may never benefit from in future.
The Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan cover offers maximum flexibility and no change in your circumstances in the future will result in the policy-holder losing out.

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