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Wednesday, 25 July 2012 20:01

Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan: Why You Need It?


Death in the family creates a host of challenges. The burden is multifold if its diaspora death and there is no cash especially for body repatriation.


So, for the person whose liquid assets or cash savings are low and needs a few thousand dollars to cover the end of life expenses which may include body repatriation, the Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan can be a problem solver.


When you need it you cannot buy insurance for any price. With a bit of planning everyone can enjoy the benefits of a Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan which include:


  • Guaranteed acceptance. Provided that you're Zimbabwean under the age of 70 you're guaranteed to be accepted for a funeral cash plan.


  • No medicals at all on application. This means that not intrusive medical questions, not even height and weight, are asked on application.


  • No medicals at all on claim. This means that the insurer does not have to write the doctor or hospital to cross check and verify or verify anything like non-disclosure.


  • Immediate lump sum payment. This is guaranteed within 24hrs of proof of death and the money is remitted anywhere in the world. This can be used to meet funeral expenses and/or leave money to the loved one. This only possible because the plan is on offered on ‘no medicals at all’ basis which means all that is needed before payout is proof of death and a claim form advising where the money should be deposited.


  • Fixed or guaranteed premiums. Payment is fixed from the outset and will never change.


  • Avoid stress. The loss of a family member is a very stressful time. Funeral cash plan ensures that financial problems don't further exacerbate matters.


  • Peace-of-mind. Knowing that you've got burial insurance allows you to rest more easily, especially if you don't have savings that can be used to pay for your burial or cremation.


  • Plan ahead: You can plan ahead so you can help to support loved ones with the funeral and/or body repatriation costs.


  • Protect Your Dignity: Don’t be the subject of an embarrassing public appeal by your bereaving family.


  • Get Your Life Celebrated: Don’t be a ‘double’ bereavement to your family and friends – emotional and financial. Give them a chance to celebrate your life, get a funeral cash plan.


  • Leave Your Family & Friends Lasting Memories: Not lasting debts and emotional scars of begging to meet your funeral and/or body repatriation bills.


  • Organise Every Detail: You can choose the funeral insurance plan that best suits your personal and family preferences, if you have any specific ideas in mind you can be confident that your wishes are recorded and delivered at the time of need.


  • Take Financial Care Of Your Family: Remove much of the emotional and financial burdens of arranging a funeral at a difficult time


Protect yourself, protect your family, protect your dignity it’s your responsibility.