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GoFundMe appeals in Diaspora community
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Thursday 1 December 2016 14:10

Diaspora challenges continue to populate community media space within the Zambian diaspora community. Unfortunately, some of the Zambian diaspora community leaders are failing to rise up to the challenge. They continue to see the calls for funding through whatsapp and othe social media platform as proof that Zambians are a united family, who,when problems happen, are quick to respond-especially financially.What they fail to realise is that the community is getting tired and soon noone will be contributing their hard earned cash to people who are exposed to funeral insurance adverts every day but chose to turn a blibd eye.
It is everyone`s responsibility to plan for a dignified send off without resorting to an open bowl appeal around the community. It is degrading and tends to leave a tag of shame to the surviving family.
Hopefully appeals like the one below will become a thing of the past as more Zambians do the right thing. Madison diaspora funeral cash plan provides cash within 24 hours of submitting proof of death. Anyone below 75 years of age can apply. There are no medicals before application,meaning that anyone who applies gets accepted. Thus , there is virtually no excuse for perpetuating the GoFundMe appeals and leaving a taint to our families when there are better ways to provide for end of life expenses.
Please let others know.  The burial date for late Mulenga is: Wednesday 7th Dec.

Burial at Croydon Cemetery 
VIA Mitcham Road
Arrival at chapel : 1PM
Burial   2:PM
If you need more information, plse contact Joel, the relative of the  late Mulenga:+44 7534 800267

We still need your support with can donate here: or call Joel.