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Zambians in Sheffield
Written by Jeff Sango
Tuesday 30 August 2016 7:11

All roads led to Sheffield for music lovers from the UK based Zambian community. Organised by Oasis of Hope Zambian charity, Ephraim sekeleti was the main performer.

The gig was at Sheffield City Hall. The facility and staff were excellent and ,of course, Ephraim was an inspiration.He belted out several songs and ,on several occasions, invited the crowd to join both in song and dance. The crowd responded gracefully with one pastor displaying some foot dexterity which can only be of those gifted of heavenly artistic dispositions . Even those men blessed with big frames could be seen picking up some moves unrestrained by their big bellies. It was as tiring as it was entertaining and if the beaming faces radiating from the dance floor was a measure of enjoyment, then ,anyone not at the venue has to look out for Ephraim`s next gig.

This is yet another example of diasporans recreating home. Women were tucked in their chitenje dresses and men donned their casual shirts ,all made  from African cloths. The clothes are sourced from home and printed with pictures of touristic features from home. The food was all made from African dishes. It was sumptuous.

Reasonable time was allocated to sponsors to show case and pitch their products. Jeff Sango implored all present to plan for end of life expenses. He referred to cash crises which always occur when a loved one died at home or diasporans died and money was urgently needed to cover funeral expenses.  He reminded the crowd that end of life expenses are not only restricted to cost of repatriating the body to Zambia but also incidental costs like buying tickets for those accompanying the body home, costs of vigils, cost of local undertaker`s services and feeding mourners .All these situations require to be easily available. The diaspora funeral cash plan provides cash within 24 hours from time proof of death is submitted.

Good times are always capped with photo shoots. Ephraim was again generous and patient with his time. He had several camera shots before leaving, every one radiating faces of a satisfied crowd.