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Bond notes
Written by Jeff Sango
Monday 8 August 2016 12:39

Bond Notes

In May 2016, the government of Zimbabwe announced an intention to introduce bond notes o run parallel to the basket of currencies currently being used within the Zimbabwean economy. This has strained the relationship between citizens organisations and opposition parties on one side and the government and its sympathisers on the other. Four months after the announcement, resistance continues and protests against the bond notes has become a common phenomenon all over the world wherever Zimbabweans are domiciled.

Over 4 millions Zimbabweans are now domiciled outside Zimbabwe. Wherever they are, as transnational citizens, the currency used in Zimbabwe is of great concern to them. Though outside the country, the diaspora community continues to consume, directly and indirectly , Zimbabwean goods and services. Many in the diaspora continue to buy and build houses back home. They support family with medical bills ,food , education and funeral expenses. That explains their activism against bond notes on social media and at Zimbabwean embassies around the world. Some products, however, are not affected by whatever currency is used in the home country where the diaspora community hail from.

The diaspora funeral cash plan is currently available to all Zimbabweans and Zambians below 75 years all over the world. The product is permanently denominated in US$ . It has guaranteed acceptance. No medicals are needed on application.  No medical investigations are done at claim stage.This expedites payout on claims, providing a quick relieve to grieving families.  Whereas others will be worried about bond notes, DFCP customers will not be part to those worries. The US$ is their currency. The claims are settled within 24 hours of submission of proof of death. Thus guaranteeing a dignified send off for self or loved ones.

The debates will continue whilst we continue to pay in US$.