Guarantee Yourself a
Dignified Send-Off

Protecting our dignities
Written by Jeff Sango
Tuesday 26 July 2016 8:18

Funerals have become big and well celebrated events in Zimbabwe. A typical service will include provision of a coffin,food and transport service for mourners. The burden of mourning and begging is quickly lifted and relatives are left to have proper and dignified closure with their loved one. Our  provides cash within 24 hours of  submitting proof of death of a customer. One can then go on to buy all the services they want. They are not tied to one provider. With cash in hand, it is always easy to bargain and get the best deal of the day.

It is amazing that, despite the debilitating poverty in the Zimbabwe, many people have insurance plans to fund their burials whenever death happens.  Those in the diaspora seem to have lagged behind. Firstly , it was due to the non availability of the right funeral plans but then ,even now, with the easily available world wide, there are those "inteligent ones" who spend time trying to find every excuse under heaven not to cover themselves and those they seem to love. I say "seem" to love because , at death, the so called loved ones are literally thrown away "vanoraswa"  through provision of Sate funded pauper burials . Many resort to GofundMe appeals . Of course one does not get the funds only. They get a label as well. A label which their children and relatives also inherit- that child or so and so whose relative we had to bury as they lived a lie, pretending that they were organised yet all they left are bills. There is a way to leave money and not laden those who survive you with labels:

We have many testimonies on youtube of satisfied customers. We have just paid one claim this morning. We have religiously met our target of paying within 24 hours on receipt of proof of death.Our authenticity is verified at the claims stage. We are not a fly by night provider. We are sponsored by Zimnat Insurance company, whose major shareholder is Sanlam,an insurance giant,whose operations stride over almost all of the world continents.

We sell this product to solve a social ill. The diaspora community is always under pressure to finance their funerals in the host country or repatriation of their remains back home. When loved ones pass on at home and  a cash plan was in place one can elect to have part of the proceeds to go straight to buy burial services and then use the balance to buy air tickets to go and bury their loved ones. Being there ,witnessing your loved one being buried gives a good closure. Many wish to but fail because of the cost of travel. is here to facilitate closure with your loved ones.

We are passionate about what we do. We are here to provide a great service to the community. We are here to build a brand which our people will be proud of. We are here not to pay end of life expenses only  but pay in time. We are here to protect our reputations as individuals and build an institution which our customers are proud of. We want to co- produce this service with our customers. Visit our website or phone us for a quote toady: